As I’ve began my journey to become a software engineer, I enrolled in a coding bootcamp. It’s been almost five years since I’ve felt the pressure to learn as much as I can and being away from that kind of environment made me forget how to learn. You might be asking me: “Isn’t it simple to just do your work and study?”. No, no it is not. Everyone has their different learning style, whether it is through hands on experience, reading, listening, or a combination of all of those. You also have to factor in your learning curve and speed…

When you’ve learned a new computer language and you’re able to start writing codes and understand them, somewhere along the way you might be asking yourself: Do we have to keep writing the same codes to start new applications or projects? That’s where web frameworks come into play. Web frameworks are the foundations of any projects or applications that are created in many companies.

What is a web framework?

Web framework is a software framework that supports the development of applications. It serves to make the lives of software engineer much easier by providing them with the template, database, and…

If you’re reading this and wondering which computer language might be easiest to start, then Ruby is the language for you. Ruby is a computer language that is user friendly and gives beginner coders a basic understanding of the syntaxes(grammar of computer languages) that they need to learn. Within the Ruby language, there is a very special web framework called “Ruby on Rails”. This web framework not only makes the job of the programmer much easier, but also is convenient enough to give you the basic layouts to set up a website.

SQL is a type of computer language that data scientists and software engineers need to learn in order for them to communicate with the database that they’re using. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and allows for the user to access and manage data in the database. Although SQL is used by mostly data scientists and programmers, other professionals use SQL as well. Using SQL can help the user to pull all the information that they need from the database and even create tables of data to retrieve specific types of information. …

June Kang

Current Software Engineering student of Flatiron School

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